The Google Tools that You Need

Realistically speaking, Google isn’t just the most popular search engine, it is also the most reliable and most important. This is why reliable SEO consultancy firms believe that there are certain Google tools that you need to make sure that your brand does well online.

What are these tools and how could you use them? Read on and find out!
Google Alerts

Every single time a mention of your brand comes up online, Google Alerts will let you know about it. You could also choose whether you want the alerts delivered to your RSS reader, or to your email account. It’s also a nice tool to use to see how your competitors in the business are doing, how often they are mentioned, and what you could learn from them. As they say, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer…

Google AdWords

SEOGoogle AdWords helps you bid for keywords that are connected to your business. The good thing about these keywords is that they’ve already been proven to create both traffic and revenue for websites so you could be sure that you’d really get your money’s worth. A tip here would be to use advanced target options related to browsers, location, and other things that you prefer.

Google AdSense

AdSense is one of the oldest affiliate marketing tools around. Basically, it’s about partnering up with blogs by putting ads on them–sometimes in the header, or images that are placed on a post, and once the visitor clicks on them, they’ll be redirected to your website. You’d gain both traffic and revenue, and your affiliate will, too! You just need to make sure that loads of people will visit your site for it to be more profitable, but otherwise, you’d definitely be gaining something.

Google Analytics

seo servicesGoogle Analytics is one of the best web tools around because it really answers your questions regarding your site and how it’s doing. Mostly, it will be able to clear your mind about the following :

• Type of Technology Used.

Check out which browsers, mobile phones, networks, and operating systems are being used to visit your website!

• Social Engagements.

Know where traffic is coming from–specifically, which social networks are the visitors of your site members of! Custom Coding is used here to create more reliable results.

• Demographics.

Get to know your audience more. Learn about their gender, age, language, and location to see who really benefits from and appreciates your website.

• Top Content.

Know how the content you’re posting is doing and how effective it is by monitoring entry and exit pages.

• Traffic Sources.

See how people are able to find your website by means of keywords, referrers, and even the use of other search engines.

• Mobile Information.

See the amount of traffic coming from mobile users so you could tweak items on your website to make them more compatible with mobile phones.

•Conversion Setters.

And of course, you’d also learn about the amount of visitors who actually visit your website and avail of your services–instead of just visiting and not buying anything at all!

Google Blog Search

More than being a search tool, this works somehow like an RSS feed that allows you to get search alerts of different affiliates connected to your site to see how they’re working, and how much revenue you’re getting from them.

Google DoubleClick AdPlanner

This one will be able to help you know about the visitors of certain websites–yes, not just yours–and see where they’re coming from, how old they are, their educational attainment, interests, and other sites that they may have visited to see if you can do something to make them interested about your site, too!

Get the help of the right SEO consultancy firm and you’ll surely make Google tools work for you!