Common Problems with a Movable Cubicle

Using a movable cubicle for storage or for moving into a new home can sometimes bring some problems if you do not know what to expect. This container can serve multiple purposes, but the need for maintenance is sometimes difficult to handle.

If you are to purchase this type of container, try to anticipate these possible problems and learn how to handle them properly.

1.Pungent Odor

As you look for the right container for your needs, you have to inspect each option thoroughly. The quality of the container is not entirely dependent on its size or price. Use your senses to identify certain problems with a movable cubicle. Aside from your sense of sight, it is better to use your sense of smell as well.

Movable CubicleWhen you check on a container, the odor can easily give you hints of its quality and condition. If it smells odd, there might be some harmful microorganisms inside which can damage your belongings. In this case, you must look for another option. However, if you really wish to be sure that the cubicle is safe to use, you can always try hiring a freight container inspector. At least with the experienced senses of an inspector, you can figure out if the cubicle is worth the amount of money you are going to spend.

2.Limited or No Ventilation

A proper cubicle should have proper ventilation. This is among the most important features when keeping things inside the container for long periods. Still, even if a container will be mainly used for transporting your valuables, good ventilation is necessary. This specific feature is needed to make sure that the movable cubicle can keep all your things safe from harmful elements.

For instance, if a container is used for storing things over a long period, weather becomes a threat to the condition of everything inside. Moisture and corrosion might affect your stored furniture and valuables. Having the right ventilation will help in securing the quality of all the things inside. You have to check for doors or other entry points of air.


Rust is among the worst problems that can affect a steel storage container. If your cubicle has this, it may eventually develop holes. This condition can expose your belongings to possible hazards, such as pests and the entry of water.

The good thing here is that corrosion can be removed. You can use an anti-rust paint or apply some rust-removal solution. If the condition is already severe, you can opt to replace the container with a new one. Even if you feel a little nostalgic with the look of a rusty, vintage container, it would not help in keeping your valuables safe.

4.Transport Problem

There are some concerns when it comes to the actual transportation of these containers. Sometimes, uneven item placement can lead to damage, mainly due to movement while on the road. If the furniture, for instance, is not strapped properly in place, it can fall and damage the other items inside. In this case, it is important to properly pack the movable cubicle. Utilize the space well by distributing the weight of the items. Use the installed straps inside, but remember not to put it too tightly because doing so can also damage the items. Fill the space bottom to top; this will prevent your belongings from falling over.

Anticipate possible weather changes during your move. As mentioned earlier, this can affect the condition inside the cubicle. You can ask the company to customize the container with additional ventilation or security straps and locks. However, this would entail extra expenses. In the end, there are many available portable cubicles that you can check first. Always remember these possible problems to find one that’s right for your needs.