Find an Extended Home with Gentry Griffey

As we go through life and walk this earth, every single one of us have and will surely experience our fair share of ups and downs. With all these milestones and setbacks, we always have our family and friends to thank for the support and guidance. Precious memories as when and how we gained these people are truly wonderful to look back to. The feeling we get when these people are around would never compare to any earthly material desire. Such intensity equates, if not more, to the sadness we feel when one of them bids us goodbye.

Coping with death magnifies our emotions to the point wherein we no longer know how to process or react to it. We enter this state of confusion, panic, and even depression, while trying to keep up with the everyday demands of life. Especially, when we are in direct relation to the deceased, we are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that all friends and relatives are informed, and for holding the most intimate and commemorative funeral our loved one deserves. As even in the afterlife, every person deserves a proper farewell.

We, at, understand your struggle, coping with work and family demands during an unpleasant loss.

We are here to be of service in every way that we can. The gentrygriffey Funeral Chapel and Cremation caters to both traditional funerals and cremations, and we are here to provide our expertise in handling this delicate and important event in your family and friends’ lives. Our services are not bound to the funeral or cremation alone, but to all the requirements prior, and, if you would deem it necessary, additional help after.

Indeed, a somber tragedy, death is. However sad one can be for the one who died, the ones who are left by their loved ones are those who deserve the most support, love, and consideration. We are in no place to feel knowledgeable of the emotions anyone experiences after a loss, but we try to extend help in ways we can. Many, if not most, people shut off emotions of sadness and grieving just a short time after a loved one’s death.

As with the everyday tasks at hand are sometimes just too much to bare even without losing someone, much more otherwise. It is but natural to feel distant for awhile, trying to accept things, especially when no one saw it coming—that he or she was so healthy, young, and always on the get-go. There are times when people even feel responsible for something they truly are not. Some have feelings of regret, not being able to tell their family or friends how they feel.

FuneralNow that it’s too late, all those emotions get pent up, which eventually just drains someone and drags down all day’s work with it. Especially for those who have to go through it alone. Having to lose someone and moving on from it is truly difficult, but in this trying times we find the people who are for keeps.

Given that family is always there, we at are here to offer our clients another family you can call home. A home that is comprised of members who are also grieving their own losses, and would be the best ones to give support. No matter how good an advice is, hearing it from someone you know is experiencing the same situation has a totally different effect.

Having someone who understands makes you believe in yourself more, that if he or she can go through it, you definitely can too. There is also no doubt that group counseling is the kind of therapy, which one needs in such situation, thus, its growing popularity as an appropriate avenue to release feelings of grief and sorrow, with people who has gone through the same.

In line with this, we, at, do not just take care of your memorial services, but we also consider you and your family. We are one community, and we would be pleased to have you join us. Your well being is as important to us as your loved ones are important to you. You can join our BLOOMS Grief Support Group, which conducts meetings and discussions that tackles how to go through a loss through sharing and counseling.

In addition, you can also opt to sign up to our Circle of Friends program, as we also provide inspirational quotes, poems, grief and recovery newsletters to aid you through this difficult time. With, we deliver what every family deserves.