Why Use Custom Military Coins as Form of Recognition

There are many options on things you can use as a form of recognition to a service member from the military, from medals, to printed and framed certificates, plaques, and custom coins.Military coins can be either commander’s coins, unit coins, or squadron coins. They have been very popular throughout the military.

One of the most acceptable origins is the one wherein a lieutenant distributed medallions to all the members of the squadron, which later on became the key to saving a soldier’ from being executed.Over the years, the coins became symbols of affiliation. They have been used to boost the morale of soldiers, give acknowledgement to their unequalled service, and foster esprit de corps.

custom military coinsCustom military coins are collectible. Collecting military coins then became a tradition. Even the famous President Bill Clinton gathered all the coins presented to him by the service members during his term and placed them on coin racks. In his Official White House Portrait, the coins are visible in the background.

A lot of military service members also practice the tradition of coin collecting. A table of military coins covered with scratch-free glass is a common scenario in headquarters.Service members would not go without a military coin in their pocket or in their socks. Why do they value these coins that much?

Military coins are not just awarded to anyone, unlike medals. Survey shows that more service members prefer military coins as a form of recognition over medals. Medals are widely used to acknowledge people of different classes and professions worldwide. Military coins, on the other hand, are exclusive to the military, and not just to any of them.

Certificates of recognition are made out of paper. They can easily be torn. The printed messages and names can easily be washed out with water. When framed, these can be kept for a couple of years but would eventually fade. Custom military coins will keep the message even after they are wet and kept in stock for many years.

Plaques are fragile and take up too much space. They look good when displayed on a shelf. However, they break into pieces when they fall and it is impossible to put the pieces back together and make it look the same as before. Military coins, on the other hand, are not breakable.

Custom military coins are unique. To someone outside the field, it may look like a normal medal without a strap. However, to servicemen, a military coin is sacred, so instead of recognizing their deeds using something anybody could have, it is better to hand them something that has a distinct value.

Custom military coins are attractive and efficient in serving its purpose – to boost morale. These coins optimize the workforce.To know more about custom military coins must visit to www.challengecoins4less.com. They carry the organization’s seal and when given to a service member, especially through the handshake method, it is a sign of entrusting part of the organization onto the person.

Presidents of the United States have been keeping the tradition alive for decades. Every time an honorable service member visits the Whitehouse or captures the president’s attention through a significant role in battle, he is awarded with a military coin. This is the highest form of recognition a military man can have. Even the presidents recognize the significance of the coins. Barack Obama himself was seen in several occasions awarding military coins.

To conclude, custom military coins can be kept by awardees for as long as they want without tarnishing, tearing, or rotting. A military coin is the most prestigious recognition a service member can receive. This will keep him reminded that good deeds do not go by unappreciated. He will be able to take pride on how he made a difference and would therefore be motivated to continue his nobility.