Find an Extended Home with Gentry Griffey

As we go through life and walk this earth, every single one of us have and will surely experience our fair share of ups and downs. With all these milestones and setbacks, we always have our family and friends to thank for the support and guidance. Precious memories as when and how we gained these people are truly wonderful to look back to. The feeling we get when these people are around would never compare to any earthly material desire. Such intensity equates, if not more, to the sadness we feel when one of them bids us goodbye.

Coping with death magnifies our emotions to the point wherein we no longer know how to process or react to it. We enter this state of confusion, panic, and even depression, while trying to keep up with the everyday demands of life. Especially, when we are in direct relation to the deceased, we are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that all friends and relatives are informed, and for holding the most intimate and commemorative funeral our loved one deserves. As even in the afterlife, every person deserves a proper farewell.

We, at, understand your struggle, coping with work and family demands during an unpleasant loss.

We are here to be of service in every way that we can. The gentrygriffey Funeral Chapel and Cremation caters to both traditional funerals and cremations, and we are here to provide our expertise in handling this delicate and important event in your family and friends’ lives. Our services are not bound to the funeral or cremation alone, but to all the requirements prior, and, if you would deem it necessary, additional help after.

Indeed, a somber tragedy, death is. However sad one can be for the one who died, the ones who are left by their loved ones are those who deserve the most support, love, and consideration. We are in no place to feel knowledgeable of the emotions anyone experiences after a loss, but we try to extend help in ways we can. Many, if not most, people shut off emotions of sadness and grieving just a short time after a loved one’s death.

As with the everyday tasks at hand are sometimes just too much to bare even without losing someone, much more otherwise. It is but natural to feel distant for awhile, trying to accept things, especially when no one saw it coming—that he or she was so healthy, young, and always on the get-go. There are times when people even feel responsible for something they truly are not. Some have feelings of regret, not being able to tell their family or friends how they feel.

FuneralNow that it’s too late, all those emotions get pent up, which eventually just drains someone and drags down all day’s work with it. Especially for those who have to go through it alone. Having to lose someone and moving on from it is truly difficult, but in this trying times we find the people who are for keeps.

Given that family is always there, we at are here to offer our clients another family you can call home. A home that is comprised of members who are also grieving their own losses, and would be the best ones to give support. No matter how good an advice is, hearing it from someone you know is experiencing the same situation has a totally different effect.

Having someone who understands makes you believe in yourself more, that if he or she can go through it, you definitely can too. There is also no doubt that group counseling is the kind of therapy, which one needs in such situation, thus, its growing popularity as an appropriate avenue to release feelings of grief and sorrow, with people who has gone through the same.

In line with this, we, at, do not just take care of your memorial services, but we also consider you and your family. We are one community, and we would be pleased to have you join us. Your well being is as important to us as your loved ones are important to you. You can join our BLOOMS Grief Support Group, which conducts meetings and discussions that tackles how to go through a loss through sharing and counseling.

In addition, you can also opt to sign up to our Circle of Friends program, as we also provide inspirational quotes, poems, grief and recovery newsletters to aid you through this difficult time. With, we deliver what every family deserves.

The Google Tools that You Need

Realistically speaking, Google isn’t just the most popular search engine, it is also the most reliable and most important. This is why reliable SEO consultancy firms believe that there are certain Google tools that you need to make sure that your brand does well online.

What are these tools and how could you use them? Read on and find out!
Google Alerts

Every single time a mention of your brand comes up online, Google Alerts will let you know about it. You could also choose whether you want the alerts delivered to your RSS reader, or to your email account. It’s also a nice tool to use to see how your competitors in the business are doing, how often they are mentioned, and what you could learn from them. As they say, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer…

Google AdWords

SEOGoogle AdWords helps you bid for keywords that are connected to your business. The good thing about these keywords is that they’ve already been proven to create both traffic and revenue for websites so you could be sure that you’d really get your money’s worth. A tip here would be to use advanced target options related to browsers, location, and other things that you prefer.

Google AdSense

AdSense is one of the oldest affiliate marketing tools around. Basically, it’s about partnering up with blogs by putting ads on them–sometimes in the header, or images that are placed on a post, and once the visitor clicks on them, they’ll be redirected to your website. You’d gain both traffic and revenue, and your affiliate will, too! You just need to make sure that loads of people will visit your site for it to be more profitable, but otherwise, you’d definitely be gaining something.

Google Analytics

seo servicesGoogle Analytics is one of the best web tools around because it really answers your questions regarding your site and how it’s doing. Mostly, it will be able to clear your mind about the following :

• Type of Technology Used.

Check out which browsers, mobile phones, networks, and operating systems are being used to visit your website!

• Social Engagements.

Know where traffic is coming from–specifically, which social networks are the visitors of your site members of! Custom Coding is used here to create more reliable results.

• Demographics.

Get to know your audience more. Learn about their gender, age, language, and location to see who really benefits from and appreciates your website.

• Top Content.

Know how the content you’re posting is doing and how effective it is by monitoring entry and exit pages.

• Traffic Sources.

See how people are able to find your website by means of keywords, referrers, and even the use of other search engines.

• Mobile Information.

See the amount of traffic coming from mobile users so you could tweak items on your website to make them more compatible with mobile phones.

•Conversion Setters.

And of course, you’d also learn about the amount of visitors who actually visit your website and avail of your services–instead of just visiting and not buying anything at all!

Google Blog Search

More than being a search tool, this works somehow like an RSS feed that allows you to get search alerts of different affiliates connected to your site to see how they’re working, and how much revenue you’re getting from them.

Google DoubleClick AdPlanner

This one will be able to help you know about the visitors of certain websites–yes, not just yours–and see where they’re coming from, how old they are, their educational attainment, interests, and other sites that they may have visited to see if you can do something to make them interested about your site, too!

Get the help of the right SEO consultancy firm and you’ll surely make Google tools work for you!

Repairing Damaged Printed Circuit Boards

PCBs or printed circuit boards have modernized the electronics world, but they don’t have topnotch durability unlike the old hardwired, steel-chassis devices. Handling them with proper care is of great importance. Although repairing a broken PCB is sometimes possible, it can be a very frustrating process. Most of the time, the toughest part of the repair is finding the broken copper traces on the printed circuit board.Visit for more detail information.

Tips on Repairing Printed Circuit Boards
1.Apply the Epoxy

PCBsCombine the epoxy following the manufacturer’s instructions, and carefully apply it to one side of the board. Press the two halves of the damaged boards together, and hold them together until the epoxy sticks firmly. Within a few seconds the epoxy will set, but you should wait for 30 minutes before going to the next step. If you have a two-sided printed circuit board the same steps apply, but in case you have a multilayered board, where the traces cannot be accessed, you will need a new board.

2.Cutting the Broken Copper Traces

Using a razor knife, cut into the damaged traces. Remove the excess traces, and cautiously use emery to smoothen the traces from which you detached the loose parts. To expose the bright copper, sand the ends of these traces. Avoid getting in contact on traces that didn’t break when the board gets damaged.


In using the soldering pencil, plug it into a 110-volt receptacle and wait until it gets hot. In cleaning the soldering tip, wipe it using a wet sponge. Remove that all the dirt and oxidation from the tip.

4.Cleaning the Soldering Pencil

Use rosin-core solder thinly applied to clean the soldering pencil tip. A well tinned tip will be a bright silvery color. In case the tip is dull gray in color, you will require to repeat steps three and four until you get a properly tinned tip. This is important so the heat is transferred efficiently during the soldering process.

5.Applying Rosin-Core Solder on the Bared Copper Traces

In bared copper traces of the printed circuit boards, apply the rosin-core solder. Carefully apply heat enough to melt the solder. Too much heat will cause the copper traces to separate from the board.

6.Cutting Copper Wire

Cut the 18 gauge copper wire into pieces long enough to span the cut traces, and tin these short lengths of wire using rosin-core solder.

7.Laying Tinned Wire on the Traces

Pick up a tinned wire using the tweezers and carefully lay it across one of the traces where you removed a loose part. Using a piece of wire lying across the gap, use the soldering pencil’s tip until it fuses to the copper trace on the printed circuit boards. Repeat the step using the remaining wires.

8.Reassemble the Device

Rebuild the device and test it to determine if it functions properly. If the device does not work as it should, test your repair job by checking the meter reading from the next point on the circuit breaker on every side of the repair. This will show you if there is anything wrong with solder connections.

The simplest way to identify broken traces is to utilize a digital multimeter and take readings between the printed circuit board adjacent terminal points. Just set the multimeter to the “Ohms” function and touch the probes to the traces. Bad trace the multimeter will display an “O.L.”. The best trace will show 0.00 to 0.5.

These electronics when disposed without proper care will cause great danger. Proper measures and methods should be taken in disposing the waste or unused parts.

Why Use Custom Military Coins as Form of Recognition

There are many options on things you can use as a form of recognition to a service member from the military, from medals, to printed and framed certificates, plaques, and custom coins.Military coins can be either commander’s coins, unit coins, or squadron coins. They have been very popular throughout the military.

One of the most acceptable origins is the one wherein a lieutenant distributed medallions to all the members of the squadron, which later on became the key to saving a soldier’ from being executed.Over the years, the coins became symbols of affiliation. They have been used to boost the morale of soldiers, give acknowledgement to their unequalled service, and foster esprit de corps.

custom military coinsCustom military coins are collectible. Collecting military coins then became a tradition. Even the famous President Bill Clinton gathered all the coins presented to him by the service members during his term and placed them on coin racks. In his Official White House Portrait, the coins are visible in the background.

A lot of military service members also practice the tradition of coin collecting. A table of military coins covered with scratch-free glass is a common scenario in headquarters.Service members would not go without a military coin in their pocket or in their socks. Why do they value these coins that much?

Military coins are not just awarded to anyone, unlike medals. Survey shows that more service members prefer military coins as a form of recognition over medals. Medals are widely used to acknowledge people of different classes and professions worldwide. Military coins, on the other hand, are exclusive to the military, and not just to any of them.

Certificates of recognition are made out of paper. They can easily be torn. The printed messages and names can easily be washed out with water. When framed, these can be kept for a couple of years but would eventually fade. Custom military coins will keep the message even after they are wet and kept in stock for many years.

Plaques are fragile and take up too much space. They look good when displayed on a shelf. However, they break into pieces when they fall and it is impossible to put the pieces back together and make it look the same as before. Military coins, on the other hand, are not breakable.

Custom military coins are unique. To someone outside the field, it may look like a normal medal without a strap. However, to servicemen, a military coin is sacred, so instead of recognizing their deeds using something anybody could have, it is better to hand them something that has a distinct value.

Custom military coins are attractive and efficient in serving its purpose – to boost morale. These coins optimize the workforce.To know more about custom military coins must visit to They carry the organization’s seal and when given to a service member, especially through the handshake method, it is a sign of entrusting part of the organization onto the person.

Presidents of the United States have been keeping the tradition alive for decades. Every time an honorable service member visits the Whitehouse or captures the president’s attention through a significant role in battle, he is awarded with a military coin. This is the highest form of recognition a military man can have. Even the presidents recognize the significance of the coins. Barack Obama himself was seen in several occasions awarding military coins.

To conclude, custom military coins can be kept by awardees for as long as they want without tarnishing, tearing, or rotting. A military coin is the most prestigious recognition a service member can receive. This will keep him reminded that good deeds do not go by unappreciated. He will be able to take pride on how he made a difference and would therefore be motivated to continue his nobility.

How a Motivational Speaker Can Help the Leaders and Employees of a Business

Business owners and managers make use of different techniques to keep their companies going. One of the most important things that need to be developed and nurtured in a company is employee motivation. No company can continue to thrive if the people in it are unmotivated. Work nowadays, has become a lot more stressful due to the numerous things that an employee needs to deal with on a daily basis. There are those who remain steadfast and carry on with their respective careers. However, there are still those who unable to keep up with the pace.

People who lack motivation tend to slack off and they lose the initiative to work on problems that they themselves deem important. However, developing people’s level of motivation is one of the few challenges that most businesses find hard to deal with. Therefore, it is important that employees maintain a steady flow of motivation while the managers and supervisors need to have the proper leadership skills.

Encouraging the Workforce

Most people are surprised how motivation can work wonders in any organization. This is the reason why businesses hire professional motivational speakers to help them with this aspect. However, some people are cynical about this approach as they deem motivational speeches as nothing more than just a gimmick. Other people consider as these as corporate fads.

Motivational speakerThe cynicism, however, is misplaced. Professional motivational speakers are known to be honest when it comes to their presentation while still being engaging and compelling to the audience. They can also encourage both the employees and the managers to reminisce on the reasons why they have chosen their respective career paths and what they have gained so far from continuing their good work in their profession.

Through the years, the words of a motivational speaker have been used to spur people into action and to incite political changes. In the business sector, a motivational speaker is crucial in motivating the workforce for greater productivity. Businesses that have hired the expertise of a professional motivational speaker were able to greatly improve their revenue due to their workforce’s improvement in terms of motivation.

Improving Leadership Skills

One of the key factors in the success of any business is the way it is being managed and led. Aside from the employees, the business leaders are the ones who take control of the company. The employees serve as the support for the business but major decisions come from the leaders.

It is important to note that motivation is not a one-time deal as it is an on-going process. In any line of work, people tend to become tired and cynical. In order to avoid this kind of scenario in the near future, businesses hire motivational speakers who can give interesting and useful talks to help inspire the workforce. Aside from the employees, the managers and supervisors of the company can also greatly benefit from listening to motivational speakers.

The results will play out in the coming years as leaders who are motivated can lead and inspire their subordinates to become effective and productive members of the business. It has been shown that businesses that have great leaders tend to become successful. Companies in the Fortune 500 are known to have great CEOs and effective team leaders.


A professional motivational speaker can work wonders in inspiring members of business to do their very best for the company and for themselves. After hiring a speaker, you will likely notice a difference in your people’s morale, which can also have a positive impact on the company. Employees are able to do increase their efficiency and productivity. On the other hand, managers and supervisors are able to keep their teams running at full capacity.

Keynote speaker Garrison Wynn is a motivational speaker based in Houston, TX known for his entertaining, customized and research driven keynotes.

The Five Marks of Good Article Writing

Article writerWhether you have freelancers or you are selling articles to a particular publishing company, assessing the quality of a writer’s work is imperative. In this article, you will discover the five marks of good article writing. You will also learn how you can spot these in each review.

Good Grammar

If a writer doesn’t care about grammar, he should at least care about the reader. This means that if a writer has something that is worth talking about, then he needs to care about communicating it. The editor, who is responsible for supporting communication between writers and readers, scrutinizes each piece of article writing intended for publication. It is also the editor’s job to make the entire text synonymous with quality writing.

Just like writers, editors also commit mistakes. According to Stephen Coonts, author of Flight of The Intruder, editors attempt to change several correct meanings into something that’s incorrect in an article. “Changing some things on the proof is risky, as it raises the possibility of introducing grammatical errors”, Coonts adds. Editing for grammar, precision and focus are deemed less risky than editing for content which often requires in-depth analysis of the subject.

Accurate Language

The biggest job of a writer is to combine words in order to generate and share ideas. Organizing the content for article writing requires a lot of hard work – it is not simply about writing down what is in the writer’s mind. The more erudite writer tends to share ideas or information many readers don’t understand. To make those ideas more accessible to readers, the writer should use words that are easy to understand.

Also, the writer should choose which information to include and think about what is unessential for the reader. Bibliographies, footnotes and appendices are communication tools writers can use to help their readers understand what they are trying to say.

The Right Focus

Each sentence should convey a single idea. Furthermore, each paragraph and chapter should be very informative. Focusing on one idea at a time makes the entire piece clear and well-written. The writer should not leave the reader confused, puzzled or guessing where the content is going. Instead, the writer must provide details in every paragraph. Having the right focus presents clear information.

Broad Coverage

An article of good quality possesses broadness in terms of coverage. This means that the writer should stay focused on the topic without the need of going into pointless details. He must ensure that the article addresses the main aspects of the topic. In addition, the article should have viewpoints that are unbiased or does not favor particular sides.

Smooth Written Communication

Even in article writing, communication requires two or more people. When a writer begins combining words for publication, one rule should always be on top of his head: Make sure the writing is for the benefit of someone. Even if a writer starts doing his job without a particular target in mind, the purpose of effective communication is there.

The writing should achieve a strong relation between the writer and reader. Editors must also take note of this. Both the writer and reader may benefit so much from communication, but prior editing is done in order to benefit more readers. This likely results to smooth written communication.

The content must suit the personal interest of the reader. From how-to’s to biographies, and from company profiles to news stories, the piece should carry a purpose of educating readers. Writers must provide something that concerns, as well as entertains, their readers. The use of five W’s and one H best applies in this rule.

Buying Cheap Golf Balls

Getting golf balls at a cheap price is something that a lot of golfers want. Golf is a game of precision. It’s a thinking man’s game where skill will outclass brute strength.

Serious golfers like to find and exhaust all possible means for improving their game. One of the ways that they do this is by making sure that they have the right equipment. Golfers go to great lengths to find the right clubs, shoes and so forth. Balls are no different in this regard.

Golf ballsSadly, these balls can be quite expensive. There’s a good reason why golf is often stereotyped as by a lot of people as the sport for really rich people. The expensive golf balls can be an obstacle for a lot of people.

Getting good balls for a low price can be a challenge, but it is by no means impossible. Below are a few ways a person can get a new set of balls for a low price.

Buying from brick and mortar stores

The first option available to most people is to buy balls from a good old fashioned brick and mortar store. Having fallen out of fashion because of the internet, newbies are likely to dismiss brick and mortar stores as an avenue for getting cheap balls.

Brick and mortar stores often have sales like their online counterparts. The difference is that they only usually have a sale or promo during select seasons. The best way to anticipate this is when manufacturers sell a new product. When a new product comes out brick and mortar stores try to clean house to make room for the new merchandise by selling their old stock at a low price.

Getting new golf balls from the internet

The internet is basically a huge marketplace that can be found in cyberspace. Finding a good website is not as easy as using search engines such as Yahoo! or Google though. You need to be able to know how to perform some comparison shopping.

The competition for online dominance is fierce. Websites constantly try to offer the best deals that they can in order to outdo one another. That and the fact that they don’t have to spend a lot of resources on operational costs such as renting commercial space or paying employees allows them to sell their wares at a really low price.

If there aren’t any promos or sales and there’s an item that’s interesting then all a person has to do is to simply subscribe to their newsletter or add that item to their wish list. Websites want to keep in touch with their subscribers as much as they can so they can inform them immediately of any recent developments or promos.

Looking for spares or unused balls

Another way golfers can get a cheap set of balls is by buying them from other people. Some people might overstock or have a few spare balls lying around here and there. It may not seem like a conventional way to get a new set of balls at a low price, but it’s still a really good option.

Forums and classified ads are a great place to start looking for any spares that people might have lying around. These people often sell their old set of balls at a low price because the market for these items isn’t huge. Expect prices to be lower than brick and mortar stores or online retailers.

This sort of things takes a bit of getting used to. Exercising due diligence is necessary for those who want to get golf balls at a low price and avoid any sort of scam or issue.

You guessed it! You’ve hit the part of The Cave where I keep all my ladies golf balls.

Common Problems with a Movable Cubicle

Using a movable cubicle for storage or for moving into a new home can sometimes bring some problems if you do not know what to expect. This container can serve multiple purposes, but the need for maintenance is sometimes difficult to handle.

If you are to purchase this type of container, try to anticipate these possible problems and learn how to handle them properly.

1.Pungent Odor

As you look for the right container for your needs, you have to inspect each option thoroughly. The quality of the container is not entirely dependent on its size or price. Use your senses to identify certain problems with a movable cubicle. Aside from your sense of sight, it is better to use your sense of smell as well.

Movable CubicleWhen you check on a container, the odor can easily give you hints of its quality and condition. If it smells odd, there might be some harmful microorganisms inside which can damage your belongings. In this case, you must look for another option. However, if you really wish to be sure that the cubicle is safe to use, you can always try hiring a freight container inspector. At least with the experienced senses of an inspector, you can figure out if the cubicle is worth the amount of money you are going to spend.

2.Limited or No Ventilation

A proper cubicle should have proper ventilation. This is among the most important features when keeping things inside the container for long periods. Still, even if a container will be mainly used for transporting your valuables, good ventilation is necessary. This specific feature is needed to make sure that the movable cubicle can keep all your things safe from harmful elements.

For instance, if a container is used for storing things over a long period, weather becomes a threat to the condition of everything inside. Moisture and corrosion might affect your stored furniture and valuables. Having the right ventilation will help in securing the quality of all the things inside. You have to check for doors or other entry points of air.


Rust is among the worst problems that can affect a steel storage container. If your cubicle has this, it may eventually develop holes. This condition can expose your belongings to possible hazards, such as pests and the entry of water.

The good thing here is that corrosion can be removed. You can use an anti-rust paint or apply some rust-removal solution. If the condition is already severe, you can opt to replace the container with a new one. Even if you feel a little nostalgic with the look of a rusty, vintage container, it would not help in keeping your valuables safe.

4.Transport Problem

There are some concerns when it comes to the actual transportation of these containers. Sometimes, uneven item placement can lead to damage, mainly due to movement while on the road. If the furniture, for instance, is not strapped properly in place, it can fall and damage the other items inside. In this case, it is important to properly pack the movable cubicle. Utilize the space well by distributing the weight of the items. Use the installed straps inside, but remember not to put it too tightly because doing so can also damage the items. Fill the space bottom to top; this will prevent your belongings from falling over.

Anticipate possible weather changes during your move. As mentioned earlier, this can affect the condition inside the cubicle. You can ask the company to customize the container with additional ventilation or security straps and locks. However, this would entail extra expenses. In the end, there are many available portable cubicles that you can check first. Always remember these possible problems to find one that’s right for your needs.

How the Logo Lanyards Become a Multi-Functional Strap You Can Use

Nowadays, companies prefer to customize their own ID holders. The product’s functionality is significantly increased when it is customized according to how they want it to be. From being a simple neck accessory, logo lanyards distributed to a company’s employees can become accessories used in various functions. It is now a product that is highly priced in the corporate world.

Logo LanyardsMany employees think of the lanyard as a neck accessory they can use to have their ID cards hung on their person. Employees needed something that will not get in the way while doing its job of holding their identification cards. If it is just for that purpose, then the ID lanyard is suitable for that job.

With the ID cards attached to a lanyard, you will not be marked as a suspicious person when you are in the office. The identification cards attached to your neck strap will show that you are a regular employee and that you are authorized to be where you are. The lanyard can accomplish any identification purposes you have.

However, the neck strap can do more than just holding ID badges and not getting in the way of work. It has now become a marketing mainstay that companies use. What it means to be a marketing mainstay is that the lanyard can be distributed for the purpose of marketing the name and brand of a company. Logo lanyards are used to gain more exposure for the business.

Another function of this particular strap is that it can be given as a corporate giveaway. It might become a prize for an event or be used as a part of a merchandise package sold in the market. If there is a special promotion, then this item can be used as a giveaway.

Not only useful in marketing, this neck strap has many uses in daily life. It can hold not only the ID badges, after all. The available neck straps nowadays have also evolved into something that can hold sunglasses, cell phones, USB drives, keys, and many other small items. The logo lanyards have been made more durable so that they can withstand the weight of the daily products you use.

Most people appreciate this particular neck strap mainly because of how it can keep house or car keys in an easily accessible place. There is no more need for you to empty your bag because you should be able to find your keys easily. As soon as you see your strap, you can get your keys already. The strap becomes the key holder for your house or car keys.

Do not think that the said strap can only handle small stuff. That is not the case nowadays. The logo lanyards are getting more and more durable that they can now withstand heavy things like a bottle filled with water. By keeping a water bottle on your person through the lanyard, you can ensure that you are always hydrated. This is a good move especially during a summer company outing.

Aside from having many functions, the strap is also used by most people to look stylish. Even when you are wearing formal clothes, you can use the lanyard add that stylish accent to your attire. When you are at work, the strap gives you the chance to stand out from other employees who are wearing the same uniform as you.

With all of these functions offered by the strap, there is no doubt that it is a recommended product to have. Be sure to find the right seller selling these logo lanyards. You should limit your transactions to sellers you know you can trust. That way, you can be rest assured that you are only paying for the product that is durable and worth your money.

Uses of Lapel Pins

Lapel pins have been used for a long time now. Their first appearance can be traced back to the Civil War. Usually, they have a solid reputation when it comes to military and politics. Soldiers, generals and officials wear them to distinguish their rank, section and service. Moreover, they set the official’s accomplishments and awards. In some cases, these pins have an extra dangling ornament. Government officials and personnel wear them to distinguish their office and affiliation. It is not necessary that they would have to wear flag colors but usually, it’s the coat of arms of the country or state. Government officials belonging to certain departments will wear the department’s symbol. Depending on the design, the rank indicated by each pin can be a status symbol. Each pin will communicate a government official’s position and affiliation therefore eliminating any embarrassing situation of misidentification. Some lapel pins are even made from premium metals such as gold and silver. These types are more expensive than the rest. Each pin is small enough to be discreetly worn without attracting too much attention or ruining the entire look of the outfit.

The Usage in Businesses, Organizations and Charities

There are a lot of corporations and businesses who use lapel pins to their own advantage. Businesses use them as a way of recognition and appreciation to their employees and managers. Restaurants, for example, make their employees wear them as a part of their uniform. This gives them a sense of belonging and identity. This also bolsters brand and company loyalty. Another way that business and corporations use lapel pins is for event marketing and brand awareness. Oftentimes, a corporation or business partners to fund or support an event that is in line with the brand identity. In order to market their brand, they would distribute them to event planners, organizers and booth holders. The corporate officials present in the event will also wear them. The catch in wearing a certain pin representing a company is that the company must have achieved a certain degree of esteem and reputation to make its wearer proud.

lapelpinsCharity organizations typically have a number of sponsors and donors. With that said, the events and causes held by charities will be funded by the money and manpower of these sponsors and donors. Most of these sponsors will not be entirely enterprising in their cause, meaning that they would not advertise themselves heavily on each charitable event. This shows that the sponsor truly believes in the cause of the event. Wearing a certain lapel pin that represents an event shows the faith on the event and cause.

Other Uses

Lapel pins can also have other uses besides from military, government and corporation. They can be distributed in trade shows and art exhibits. Because they are relatively cheap and quick to manufacture, more and more people are using them for aesthetic purposes. Lapel pins are rapidly becoming available in cute and fun designs such as cartoon characters, letters, numbers, flowers and animals. Some are even encrusted with small crystals and some are decorated with glitters.

Materials Used

akoThere are many kinds of metals used for making lapel pins. The most common kinds are steel, nickel, brass, nickel silver (German silver) and copper. Steel also can be available in stainless variants. Copper and brass are usually the preferred metals because they are softer thus making impressions and embossed lettering and images are easier and cheaper. Because copper and brass are typically less durable, they are often plated with a more durable kind of metal after they are shaped and cut. More expensive metals are gold, platinum and silver.